Breeding of exclusive sportdogs

Camilla Rönnqvist

Breeder since 2004

IGP sport since 2006

9 x Worldchampionships with 4 different dogs

National IGP Champion

FCI IGP judge since 2017

Awarded by SKK for "Working Dog breeder" Diploma "Breeding females"

Member of Swedish Dobermann Club board (SDK)

Vice President Sweden Working Dog Club (SBK)

Our breeding goals is to achieve a Dobermann with good health, excellent character with stable nerves and excellent working ability.

Our dogs are only for familyhomes with ambition to work.

All our breeding dogs is health and  character tested on top of proven working abilities before they go into breeding.

Thats how we know we done our absolute best to provide a dog with the right attributes for a great life.

 Team Diragos 

All our Diragos dogs deserves to be mentioned as the loved family members they all have been, but to call out some of our stars;

Diragos Il Divo - IDC Sieger/ZTP/BSLII

Diragos Ikara Colt - IDC WCH x 2/ZTP/IGP SBCH

Diragos In Flames - IDC WCH x2/ZTP/IGP SBCH


Diragos Javanth - IDC WCH/ZTP/IGP SBCH/SE IGP Champion

Diragos Pantera - IDC WCH

Diragos Presley - working champion (searching) FINUCH

Diragos Sepultura - IDC Vice Worldchampion/ IDC WCH #3/FH2/ZTP

Diragos Sabbath - IGPIII

Diragos Sarek - IGPIII/FH2

Diragos From Paris with Love - IGPIII/FH2

Diragos Hot Club de Paris - FH2

Diragos Ash - IDC WCH/ZTP/SE IGP Champion/ FCI SE CH #4

Diragos Alfred - IDC WCH/ZTP/VDH championships/DV Champion

Diragos Avalon - IDC WCH/ZTP/SE IGP Champion

Diragos Come Clarity - IDC WCH #4 and #8

Diragos Amaranth - IDC WCH #6 #7 and #15 Best protection 2023

Dobermanns & Beagles breeding

All our dogs lives in our family, so does our litters.

Our puppies is health checked, microchipped with FCI pedigree

Our dogs is spread across the globe, why we have experience of exporting - we only deliver puppies by direct flights if not travelled with.

We only sell our puppies to be firstly familymembers, secondly competition dogs.

Early intrest in our planned litters is recommended.

Contact us:

We expect Dobermann puppies in late 2024 or beginning of 2025 from Diragos Amaranth and Diragos Minaj

Our litter history can be found here:


We plan beagle puppies later 2024